Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

EISCO 2005
i2010 (eEurope): New Horizons, New Tasks for Local and Regional Governments

The EISCO 2005 conference in Cracow (Poland) on "i2010: New Horizons, New Tasks for Local and Regional Governments" concluded successfully its debates on 4 June 2005 by adopting unanimously the i2010 Local Agenda, a strategic document for European administrations and local innovators that condenses in 10 tasks the goals to pursue in the next five years.

The Local Agenda is part of  the EISCO 2005 Declaration which presents a diagnosis on the implementation of the Information Society and eGovernment in the public sector, as well as on the main achievements and the difficulties encountered to extend the process from a consistent number of good practices to  the great majority of local and regional administrations. The declaration supports also the digital solidarity among the cities of the world and proposes some recommendations to be presented in the 2005 World Summit of Cities and Local Governments, that shall take place in Bilbao next November, prior to the UN World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisi.

Because of the importance of the i2010 Local Agenda it is translated into several European languages to ensure maximum dissemination in the public. The aim is to have administrations adopt the agenda in their strategies and plans. The different language versions are downloadable from this web-site under the Documents section.

EISCO is organised by the European network ELANET  (CEMR), with the support of the European Commission and other European regional networks as [email protected], the eGov network of researchers and the Eurocities/TeleCities forum. The overall aim of the EISCO conferences is to promote and develop the utilisation of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) on a local and regional European level.

The EISCO 2005 conference was hosted by the Malopolska Region  of Poland. The Polish "Cities on Internet" Association, member of ELANET, was the organization responsible for the practical aspects, acting as the Conference Secretariat.

Previously EISCO conferences were held: in Brussels (1998), Malaga (2000), on Cagliari (2002) and in Aalborg (2003).

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