Eisco 2005 - european information society conference


Opening Session

Javier Ossandon - EISCO 2005 Opening Session
Janusz Sepioł - EISCO 2005 Opening Session
Karol Musioł - "University @ region"
Włodzimierz Marciński - EISCO 2005 Opening Session

First Plenary Session

Jens Ole Back - "Administrative-territorial reform in Denmark"
Gérald Santucci (speech) - "Digital ecosystems: The next Frontier for SMEs and European Local Regionall Clusters"
Josu Ocariz - "Presentation of the 2nd World Summit of Cities and Local Authorities on the Information Society"

Panel: Associations of Local and Regional Governments

Heikki Lunnas - "Finnish Association of Local and Regional Authorities"
Antonella Galdi - "The National Association of Italian Local Authorities"
Svein Eric Wilthil - "The role of the Associations of Local and Regional Government in ICT development"
Andy Brown - "UK support for local authorities on e-government"

Session: Structural Funds

Sławomir Kopeć - "Structural Funds for ICT development in Małopolska"
Krzysztof Głomb - "Is the efficient eAdministration enough to modernise the country in perspective of year 2010? Structural policy implementation as the motor of change in teh New Member States of the EU"
Tomasz Białobłocki - "Development of the Information Society in rural and less developed areas - task for the State or the operators?"

Paralell Sessions presenting "Best Practices"

eGovernment for governance

José Lino Oliveira - "e-Democracy Tools for Municipal Master Plan Discussion" (Portugal)
Tim Anderson - “esd-toolkit” - to improve local services by sharing knowledge between LGs, nationally (UK)
Waldemar Rokicki, Piotr Staniszewski - "EU Citizen Card as an element of city management system" (Poland)
Piotr Jaworski-Grzanka, Oktawiusz Kacza - "The Malopolska Gateway" (Poland)
Thomas Schweer - "E-government application framework for the administration of the Berlin city Reinickendorf" (Germany)

ICT for Business

Dominic HegartyLiam Fitzpatrick - "ePlanning - empowering the Citizen and Developers through the use of ICT" (Ireland)
Martin Scarfe - "Newham Kick Start Initiative - supporting East London companies to adopt eCommerce" (UK)
Jarmo Kovero - "eBusiness Project Network to increase competitiveness of SMEs in Regions" (Finland)
Nanna Skovrup - "Strategic use of ICT in SME" (Denmark)


Peng Zhang - "IMIS - Integrated Mobile Information System for Diabetic
Healthcare" (Sweden)
Gunn-Hilde Rotvold - "[email protected] Tromso - ICT and mobile for elderly" (Norway)


Ingvar Gustavsson - "A Flexible Remote Electronics Laboratory for Engineering Education" (Sweden)
Sergio Duretti - "Dschola – Schools for schools" (Italy)

3 June - FRIDAY

Second Plenary Session

Thomas Kirby - "Interregional cooperation"
Agn?s Bradier - "Innovative government in Europe, a research perspective on local and regional eGovernment"

Panel: Regional and European Research in the field of eGovernment and eBusiness

Ryszard Tadeusiewicz - "AGH University of Science and Technology"

Third Plenary Session

Marielle Riché - "Regional policy and innovation: the way forward"
Nello Ventresca - "Abruzzo's RIAP: Lessons learnt"
Risto Poutiainen - "East Finland's RIAP: Lessons learnt"
Przemysław Skałecki, Dariusz Dagiel - "Citizens' rights to information in the public databases"

Paralell Sessions presenting "Best Practices"

Open source applications for networked eGovernment

Willi Kaczorowski - "The innovative Australian centrelink - model for public administration" (Germany)
Tracy Wang - "APLAWS CMS - open source solution for local governments" (UK)
Marco Pissarello - "TESEO - eGov infrastructure and service delivery platform for several local governments, led by City of Verona" (Italy)
Jan Jezek - "ePUSA - electronic portal of local governments" (Czech Republic)
Terry Dailey - "The Adapters Club - open source integration interfaces and standards ‘adapters’ for ‘business’ interactions between the citizen and a local government" (UK)


Bruno Brunskill - "CountywideAlert.info - unique planning and response system for major emergencies" (UK)
Anna Maria Congiu - "DIESIS - Sardinian regional program of innovation action" (Italy)
Raymond Rochford - "Mobhaile - interactive service providing content relevant to citizens’ daily lives based on function, location and time" (Ireland)

Ongoing projects in CEEC

Imants Kr?zi?š - "Riga region project database" (Latvia)
Cristian Preda - "The Integrated Information System for the Activities Management in the Bucharest Municipality" (Romania)
Michaela Mitasikova - "ZOMES - broadband network infrastructure owned by the city of Zvolen" (Slovakia)
Agnieszka Chrząszcz - "e-Teacher - Vacational Training for teachers using eLearning" (Poland)
Jan Trombik - "Fare Collection System based on the Contactless Smart Cards" - 9 Years of experience in Czech Cieszyn Region (Czech Republic)

User authentication and security system

Ineke Schop - "DigiD" - service use by all governmental organisations to identify Dutch people on the web (Netherlands)
Valentino Ditoma - "MAS" - Municipal Authentication System created by Ancitel for local governments (Italy)


Fourth Plenary Session

Roland Traunmueller - "Cross-border and Pan-European Services: The Challenges Ahead"
Christine Leitner - "MODINIS study on interoperability at local and regional level"
Andrew Rosenbaum - "Pan-European eGovernment Services and Central and Eastern Europe"

Final session

Grzegorz Przybylski - "Cooperation between industry and academia to support public-private partnerships"

Panel: Public-private partnerships

Nicolle Hill - "Public-private partnerships: Alcatel experiences" 
Angelo M. Buongiovanni - "Empowering businesses and citizens in public policymaking"
Christopher Pannetier - "Innovation Cluster, Commercial Industries"