Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Antonio Cossu


Since 2003, Mr. Cossu is the C.E.O. of  ANCITEL, stock company created and controlled by the Italian Association of Local Governments to support innovation in public services at local level and the modernisation of municipalities by making use of the information and communication technologies. He is also member of the National Observatory for Local Finances and Taxes.

In the past, Mr. Cossu has been most active in the National Confederation of  Small and Medium Enterprises and  in the textile industry. In the 90’s, he was Regional President and then National Vice-President of  the Textile Union (entrepreneurs). He was also among the founders in ‘92 of the editorial company that publishes the national weekly magazine “L’Italia Settimanale”. He was member of the Board of Directors of TREVISO SERVIZI S.P.A. and TREVISO TECNOLOGIA (technological company of the Italian chamber of commerce in the province of Treviso).

Mr. Cossu is an entrepreneur himself: since 1967 he owns and manages A.L.F.A. junior that produces fashion for childrens.