Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Hannes Astok

Deputy Mayor of Tartu, Estonia

Hannes Astok (40) is Deputy Mayor of Tartu, Estonian 2nd largest city from 1997. Graduated from Tartu University as journalist, he’s today’s responsibility is technical infrastructure of the city. But he’s special interest is development of information society. Tartu and Estonia have made tremendous steps developing information society. After launching e-Tartu program 5 years ago internet penetration in Tartu is today 82% and already 71% of citizens have computer at home, mainly connected to broadband.

City offers wide variety of e-services, including on-line application forms, forums and on-line public transport ticket sales. As mobile phone penetration reach already 92% in Tartu, first package of city services are available over mobile as well.

Hannes Astok is enthusiastic speaker for information society, specially promoting role of local governments. He is also partner in Estonian e-Governance Academy, providing training and consultancy for Central Asia, Caucasus and South-East European central and local governments.