Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Josu Ocariz

Director of CIFAL BILBAO, Spain

Economics graduate, University of the Basque Country and MBA in Marketing and International Business Management.

Mr. Ocariz began his career in the private sector in the field of financial management. Later, inside the public administration sector, different positions in the field of business promotion were held.

At present he is the Director of CIFAL BILBAO, a centre set up by UNITAR (UNO) and the Basque public administration. It's an International Training Centre for Local Actors in the Information Society. CIFAL BILBAO also coordinates the IT4ALL REGIONS Worldwide Network of Regions on the Information Society.

Also he was a permanent Professor of Financial Analysis at the KH Business College (dependent on the University of Wales) and Planning Professor at the Economics School, Basque Economics Association.

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