Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Sara Eriksén

Professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Professor Sara Eriksén is currently teaching and doing research in the subject areas of Computer Science (Informatics) and Human Work Science at Blekinge Institute of Technology in southern Sweden, where she is head of a research group called Informatics and Work and interdisciplinary research coordinator of the Center for e-Government. Her main research focus is on integrated ICT support for work practice and participatory design-in-use of e-service development within e-government. The Center for e-Government has evolved out of the TANGO arena for e-government (2002-2004), a regional arena for ‘triple helix’ cooperation in R&D projects concerning e-services in the public sector. TANGO (Thematic Arenas Nourish Growth Opportunities) was funded by the Innovative Actions program within the European Regional Development Funds. Professor Eriksén was part of the scientific advisory board for this arena. She is currently project leader of e-Participation, a R&D project supporting regional networking involving citizens, various public sector representatives and ICT companies, around integrated, inclusive and sustainable e-service development in the public sector. Professor Eriksén was also one of the initiators of the two new distance education programs in e-government which Blekinge Institute of Technology offers (since 2004).