Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Christopher Pannetier

Director General of DIGIPORT, France

Expert in economic development and IT. Founder and CEO of DigiPort (since sept. 2000), an IT development agency for multimedia, telecom, software and e-business activities based in Lille – North of France: information and stimulation, incubation and coaching of IT projects, strategic watch, marketing and promotion of IT know-how and businesses and development of the Lille Metropolitan IT strategy.
Co-initiator of the Trade Industry Cluster (mail ordering, retailing, logistics and IT), the biggest European cluster of this economic sector. Creator of the Net event, an annual European conference on IT technology and business foresight attracting more than 700 attendees in Lille. Expert on IT development to the government of the African Republic of Benin. Member of Telecities, a European network of 130 cities promoting IT. Vice-President of the French Internet User Association (AFNET) (2002-2003). Administrator of Creativallée, a French association supporting entrepreneurial spirit and activities. Lecturer to the Lille University on business creation and innovation.
Between 1996 and 2000:
- Director of the IT department - Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council, 
- President of the IRISI (Inter-Regional Information Society Initiative)network, co-founder and vice-president of [email protected] (European Regional Information Society Association),
a network of 47 European regions developing IT,  supported by the European Commission.
- Expert to the European Commission on the use of European Structural  Funds and IT.


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