Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Roland Traunmüller

Director of the Institute for Applied Computer Science at Linz University, Austria

Prof. Dr. Roland Traunmüller studied Chemistry and Physics at Vienna University and joined the Max-Planck-Institute in Mühlheim (Ruhr) working on his PH.D. in calculating quantum-models of chemical reactions. In 1970 he went back to Austria becoming head of a DP-department within Public Administration. After three years he joined the Technical Faculty of Linz University (Senior Lecturer with Habilitation 1977, University Professor with tenure 1983). He also served several years as the Head of Institute at the Institute of Computer Science (after reorganisation now Institute of Applied Computer Science). During these years he has accepted several invitations for visiting professorships (Amsterdam, Bangkok, Bonn, Budapest, Graz, Heidelberg, Paris, Prag, Speyer, Zaragoza).

At the Institute of Applied Computer Science he is in charge of the division "Informatics in Business, Administration and Society". Teaching and research concern Information Systems and Electronic Government. Prof. Traunmüller is the (co)author of 4 books and 131 contributions. His editorial work spans 20 books, two journals and one book-series.

Within IFIP he was founder and chairman of the working group "Information Systems in Public Administration" (IFIP 8.5) and served as deputy chairman of IFIP Technical Committee 8 "Information Systems". In that function he chaired two Conferences at the recent IFIP World Congresses, so in 1998 "Telecooperation" and in 2002 "e-Business". In Austria Prof. Traunmüller heads the Forum e-Government, in Germany he is member of the steering body e-Government within the German Computer Society (GI, Bonn).

Prof. Traunmüller founded the EGOV conference series with high resonance. This means an annual scientific oriented conference solely targeted on e-Government: EGOV 2002 in Aix had 80 contributions; EGOV 2003 in Prague with 100 contributions. In addition he is one of the authors of the recent State of the Art Report of the European Commission directed to the eGovernment conference 2003 in Como.

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