Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Erling Sörensen

Head of Office for Information Society FYN, Denmark

He is Master of Science in management and informatics.  He has been employed for 27 years in KommuneData -  the biggest ICT provider for the Danish Local Government Sector, owned by the National Association of Local Governments in Denmark. He has also been assistant professor at the Tietgen Business College in information management.

Erling Sörensen has been responsible for several ICT development project in the new European Union member states. Of special relevance are the following three PHARE funded project in Hungary on ICT strategy for Local Government, PHARE funded project in Latvia on ICT strategy for Local Government, DANISH funded project in Lithuania on ICT support for Environmental Protection Department.

Erling Sörensen has represented his former company, KMD, in BSSSC (Baltic Sea Sub State Cooperation), IT working group and in  the ELANET Steering Committee (European Local Authorities Telematic Network initiative), and he has been involved in the planning and organising of the EISCO conferences (the European Information Society Conference)  in Malaga and Brussels.