Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Conference programme

4th June 2005, Saturday

09:30 - 10:50   
Fourth Plenary Session: 
Cooperation among Cities and Towns. How to develop a strategy for the implementation of cross-border and pan-European services (Session organised by the eGOV net coordinated by the University of Linz)

Chair: Heikki Lunnas, Vice-President of ELANET (CEMR) and Development manager of the Finnish Association of Local and Regional Authorities
Moderator: Roland Traunmüller, University of Linz, Austria

Keynote speakers:

  • Roland Traunmüller, University of Linz, Austria - "Cross-border and Pan-European Services: The Challenges Ahead"
  • Christine Leitner, European Institute on Public Administration, Netherlands - "The EIPA evaluation on Interoperability"
  • Andrew Rosenbaum, Editor in Chief eStrategies, Czech Republic - "Pan-European eGovernment Services - A Chance for Central and Eastern Europe"

Open discussion with participants

Note: The new frontier for electronic services to citizens and enterprises enabled by local governments, especially to improve governance in their territories, will make use of broadband and the web technologies. This session will analyse the issue from both policy and practical perspective. Participants are encouraged to register previously for the open discussion of 30 minutes that will conclude the session.

10:50 - 11:05
Coffee break

11:05 - 12:30
Final Session:
Public-private partnerships boosting ICT innovation at local and regional level

Chair: Andrzej Sasuła, Vice-Marshall of the Malopolska region
Moderator: Javier Ossandon, President of ELANET (CEMR)

Keynote speaker: 
Grzegorz Przybylski, Consultant in the International Projects Department, ComArch SA, Poland - “Cooperation between industry and world of academia to support public-private partnerships”

Public-private partnerships to mainstream Information Society at local and regional level throughout the world and to overcome the digital divide

  • Louise Lassonde, Coordinator Information Society of the UNITAR programme of decentralised cooperation, United Nations, Geneva
  • Nicole Hill, Local Authorities and Governments Director of ALCATEL, France
  • Angelo Buongiovanni, Head of Tuscany Regional Telematic Network, Italy
  • Christopher Pannetier, Director General of DIGIPORT, France

Open discussion with participants

Note: Opinion leaders from the public and private sector will debate on this key issue for the success of i2010 and the Digital Solidarity Agenda for Cities and Local Authorities that will be discussed at the II World summit of Cities and Local Authorities in Bilbao (to implement the WSIS declaration of principles adopted by the UN in Geneva, Dec.2003). Mainly a problem of resources and political will on the public sector side, as well as of convincing the ICT private sector to invest time and resources in innovative partnerships enabled by local and regional government. The last 15 minutes will be opened to a discussion with the participants.

12:30 - 13:00
EISCO 2005 Declaration and the next Conference announcement

The session will continue with the discussion on and approval of the EISCO 2005 declaration followed by the presentation of the next EISCO Conference in the city of Hameenlinna, Finland.

End of the conference

- a bus trip to the former
concentration camp in Auschwitz
- a guided walking tour in Cracow

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