Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Ann Macintosh

Professor of E-Governance and Director of the International Teledemocracy Centre at Napier University, Scotland

Since joining Napier University, she has established herself as an internationally recognized research leader in electronic democracy. She is actively involved with parliament, government, business and voluntary organizations concerned with the research and development of e-democracy systems in the UK, Europe and the Commonwealth.

She has participated in major EU research projects on e-democracy and e-government. Her Centre’s e-democracy toolkit has been used in a number of collaborations with government and civic organisations. The e-petitioning tool is currently deployed in partnership with the Scottish Parliament and the e-consultation tool is the basis of a research project with the Scottish Executive to engage young people. She has provided consultancy to the Canadian and Australian governments on e-participation.

In 2003 she conducted a research study on behalf of the OECD into e-consultation within the policy-making process which resulted in the OECD publication Promises and Problems of E-Democracy: Challenges of online citizen engagement.  She was a member of the European Commission’s delegation to Seattle, US to discuss collaboration between  EU and NSF funded e-government researchers. This resulted in the white paper on International Collaboration on eGovernment Research.