Eisco 2005 - european information society conference

Flavia Marzano

Scientific Committee of the Master in Open Source Management, University of Pisa, Italy

Computer scientist working in e-government field since fifteen years, she is involved in many research projects for application of ICTs in Public Administrations.

Member of the scientific committee of the Master in Open Source Management (Computer Science Department, University of Pisa). Member of the Orientation Panel of the Italian Government Permanent Unit for the definition of “egovernment” strategies. Member of Technical and Scientific Committee for Digital Innovation Plan Province of Rome. Member of the Open Source Committee of the Innovation and Technologies Ministry Steering committee of different internations conference on Open Standards and Libre Software in Government, including OSS2005 http://oss2005.case.unibz.it and International Symposium on OSS www.floss2005.org. Working for the University of Bolzano in COSPA project.

Scientific reviewer of the research group: Scuola Superiore S. Anna (University of Pisa) and Association of Italian Provinces for the analysys of Software in Public Administration. Co-relator for a thesis at SDA Bocconi University in Milan on Total Cost of ownership (TCO) in passing from proprietary to open/free software. Teacher in University of Pisa, University of Pavia (Mantova), University of Trento, University of Bologna (Forlì). Invited speake, member of program committee and organiser for many international scientific conferences and workshops.


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