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ios app emulator

Pebble: It's Time To Preview Our New App Development Tools
Pebble provides a couple of assets to assist orient app creators, together with an emulator—which could be useful for testing, contemplating nobody outdoors of the corporate truly has a Pebble Time gadget. A firm … PebbleKit iOS apps gained't should be re-compiled..
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ios app emulator

Nintendo iOS App Coming Soon
Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo confirmed to Nikkei that the app was presently in improvement. An announcement is predicted after the fiscal yr ends … The idea behind Nintendo's foray into iOS apps is to assist shoppers determine with Nintendo ….
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NES/SNES emulator sneaks into iOS App Store
It seems to be like yet one more app that allows you to emulate basic gaming hardware has slipped by way of the iOS ban on such exercise. Floppy Cloud is described on the App Store as a option to juggle information simply between an iDevice, a Dropbox folder, or an FTP ….
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